The Apache Software Foundation -
For a variety of open-source programs and utilities, including Apache's HTTP Server.

Buzzmachines -
For the Buzz packs, updated and new machines, and a few other music-creation tools. The BuzzMachines Massive Pack is 39 MBs, and the Stealth Pack is 18 MBs, so be prepared for some lengthy downloads.

Creative Commons -
Creative Commons for finer-tuned licensing of your copyrighted creations. A community-oriented alternative to "All Rights Reserved."

Fedora Project -
Home of the Fedora project, Red Hat's test-bed version of RHE Linux with free support and updates. Not recommended for people seeking stable-release-only distros.

The Free Country -
A site containing hundreds of links to various programming, web-design, and web-security sites, articles, and resources.

The GIMP -
The GNU Image Manipulation Program, first developed for Linux and now available for Win32 and Mac OS.

GNU Operating System -
Go here to learn about and contribute to the Free Software Foundation.

GoldWave -
GoldWave is a Windows-based sample editor with a wide range functions and effects. It's available as shareware, with a registration fee of $40 US, $55 Can, or £25 UK. The nice thing is that it's fully functional before registration; you just have a limit on the number of operations you can perform per session.

Hamster Republic -
A nice break from the serious. It's difficult to explain. Go and see for yourself.

HTML Goodies -
For tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more.

Impulse Tracker -
This is the official Impulse Tracker site. It has the last patches as well as the demo songs that were archived with some of the later releases. This is also where you make your contributions to the efforts of Jeffrey Lim, the creator of Impulse Tracker.

KVR Audio -
An online database containing hundreds of free, shareware, and commercial VST, DirectX, and Audio Unit plugins, hosts, and utilities.

MadTracker -
For MadTracker 2.6, a tracker with real-time effects like delay, reverb, flange, chorus, analogue filtering, and more.

MediaFire -
No-strings free file hosting. Share everything or nothing, or any amount in between. File size limit is 100MB per file, but there's no limit on your total space. Very cool.

The Mod Archive -
The monolith tracker module archive site. They currently host over 120,000 modules.

Mod Archive Torrents -
Grab torrents for the Mod Archive's WaveWorld sample collection (1.35GB) and their entire archive as of 2007, 29GBs of modules!

ModPlug Central -
For ModPlug Tracker, ModPlug Player, and a few other tracking items.

For the MySQL Open Source database.

Nuklear Power -
Home to 8-bit Theater, one of my personal favorite webcomics. If you like classic console RPGs you're sure to get a kick out of this.

Open Source Initiative -
A non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and protection of open-source software.

PHP Home -
For the latest release of PHP and the php manuals. More tools for web-design and management.

Red Hat -
Home of the Red Hat distribution of Linux. I don't have much more to tell you than that.

Slackware Linux -
Get Slack!

SoOn Label -
Home to the SoOn Label netlabel and generous host to numerous artist sites, including this one.

Trax in Space -
Version 2 of one of the foundational tracker websites. I missed out on the first one, but the sequel is off to a running start. Here you can listen to the music of up-and-coming artists, read reviews, and share your own creations.

Un4seen Developments -
Makers of XMPlay, the media player which provides the best Impulse Tracker mod playback I've heard from any Windows application. It's free for download, so go check it out.

United Trackers -
Home to the United Trackers organization, of which I am a fledgling member. They have plenty of tracking resources and articles.
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