Welcome to my little place at SoOn Label. Feel free to browse. All projects, music, and artwork are my personally copyrighted works. They may not be distributed, performed, or used in derivative works where the exchange of services or money is involved. In short, they may not be used for any commercial endeavor, but you do have my permission to share them with whomever you like for free.

This site was composed using Notepad and The GIMP and is best viewed on Firefox 3 or Opera 9. SoOn Radio image modified by me from original designed and created by weikn of SoOn.

- Music Update: 96kbps versions of all songs have been uploaded and can be played online courtesy of 1pixelout's famous CMS-based MP3 player plugin, without the CMS plugin scripting. Visit the Music page to listen.
- Site Update: I modified the color-scheme and images used on the site without modifying the layout or functionality. Basically I reskinned things.

- Music Update: I'll be migrating more of my work over here to my personal site once Trax in Space disappears again. I'm also planning on adding lower-quality streamed versions so tracks can be previewed before downloading, if desired.
- New Music: FLACs have been added for all songs currently listed on the Music page.
- New Music: Menace has been added to the mononymic album, and can be found on the Music page. A Second Time has been added to the Singles collection. It can be found here.

- Site Update: I'm currently in the process of adding FLACs for all songs that need them. I'll add the links once I'm done. Ogg versions will follow shortly.
- New Music: Wasteland has been added to the Android Rebellion album, and can be found on the Music page.
- New Music: Phobia and Tension added to Music page. Both songs are now added with Nihilism into the album-in-progress mononymic.

- New Artwork: Album art for mononymic added to the Artwork page.

- Site Update: Rearranged song source files on Music page so that they appear with their respective songs. Also added source format details at the top of page.
- Site Update: Minor update in the arrangement. Pages should all be centered now, instead of justified hard left.
- Site Update: The SoOn Radio player has been updated to a better one. The SoOn Directory has been updated to include additional member sites.
- New Music: Grotesque has been added to the Music page, in the Singles section.

- Site Update: The migration to XHTML 1.0 Transitional has been completed. Please feel free to double-check my work by using the validation links at the bottom of each page. I can be reached at din [at] din [dot] soonlabel [dot] com regarding errors.
- Site Update: I've started migrating my site to XHTML, currently Transitional. Hopefully I'll have the whole thing updated before too much longer.
- Site Update: I tweaked the graphics, hopefully making things a little prettier.
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